Ensuring Ongoing Change

Off the top of my head, I think there are a few things I would do to ensure that my organisation continued to thrive in ongoing change. For example:

  • Identify the key paradoxes the organisation is facing and monitor the movement between the different polarities – continuing to improve our awareness and impact of each.
  • Moving the decision making to the appropriate level in the organisation – ensuring that there was sufficient competency, clarity and understanding of the context. This improves the appropriateness, speed and effectiveness of the decisions.
  • Managing consistency with the need for ongoing change. There is a evolving balance that allows people to feel safe while still allowing new ways (approaches to change) to emerge.
  • Ensuring that the key reference points (purpose, values and principles) are constantly reviewed and understood by everyone in the organisation. This allows for a common focus, language and aligned working.
  • Keeping a whole person / whole system approach that supports the organisation as a living system.