Our hope for the future is that people, and people in work, will continue to develop the awareness, capacity and skills to thrive in the our complex, ambiguous and volatile world. As a result they will be actively engaging with uncertainty and ongoing change – particularly where people and planet matter.

The intention of this website is to provide a place for people to investigate (and contribute to) the various elements and contexts that influence working with ongoing change. The content should not be expected to provide specific solutions. Rather, the expectation is that it suggests different perspectives and possibilities for working in change that support individuals on their journeys of discovery.

We mischaracterize the act of finding pattern in seemingly separate facts as “connecting the dots.” That metaphor implies that facts are separate entities, dots that stay still on a page. But each event is a wriggling thread of interactivity in spacetime, with its own past, present, and future. We spin the, watch them spin themselves, into patterns that can not be predicted.

Stephen Nachmanovitch, The Art of Is, p 134-135

We see this as an ongoing, evolving and enjoyable process. The content and structure is expected to always be changing with updates, corrections and newly emerging ideas. We are always open to suggestions and corrections while working to ensure that the content is accurate, appropriate and accessible. As you will gather, this is not intended to be a comprehensive resource on change, or any other subject for that matter! 🙂

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